Picture Of The Week

Okay, more like picture of the month. My family was visiting here for about a month so I didn’t really have time to post on here. Then I was busy making a TON of videos. But I always feel bad when I neglect this blog. I need to get better. Here’s hoping this is a fresh start with a new picture of the week! If you want to see pictures like this daily, check us out on instagram @haveaheiseday



We were just sitting in a market in Luang Prabang, eating honey combs (not the cereal) as people usually do, when this kid got on the motorbike to go to school. Even before I brought my camera up to take a few pictures he was just being a ham! He loved making faces. He seemed like the type of kid that always has a smile on his face. Most of the people we met in Laos felt this way. It was one of the most beautiful countries we have been to, in natural and people terms.


That’s it for now!
Jumpa Lagi!



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