Exploring Luang Prabang Part 3: Random Shots From Around Town

Sometimes I take these random photos that really have no classification. Or in the case of LB, I took a lot of photos of random buildings and the rivers. So without further delay, let’s look at some random photos from around the city.


This is typical of most of the facades in the city. There are a lot of old colonial buildings still around. They are mostly restaurants and shopes though
One of the two temporary bamboo bridges set up over the river during the dry season


So this cat sat on my lap at a restaurant and did not leave for about two hours. We bonded. I seriously thought about how to bring him back to Malaysia with me. But when I got up to go to the bathroom he ran off.

Well, this is not really a blog post so much as a collection of photos but I think that’s what this blog usually is. Or at the very least what it will become. As I make more videos, my thoughts on my travels will be expressed more in that format. But photography is still my first love so this blog will always exist for that reason.

That’s it for now!
Jumpa Lagi!


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