Exploring Luang Prabang Part 2: Wats, Wats, and More Wats!

Well hello, welcome back!

I took so many photos on our trip to Laos I am not really sure how to organize these blog posts. I am generally going chronologically so while this is a separate post it is talking about things we did after going to the morning market, which was the last thing I talked about in the last blog post about Laos. And even then I cheated, using photos from the second time I went to the morning market. Eh, but none of that really matters. I came here to show you some great pictures and I hope you came here ready to see those great pictures!
We spent a good part of a day exploring the sites of Luang Prabang. For the most part, these means Wats, and lots of them. So let’s get right to it!


Offerings to the monks. Each bed had a name written on it. I mean I assume it was a name. I don’t read Laotian so it could say anything


The wat at the top of Mount Phousi
The oldest wat in the city, built in the 1500’s
We stumbled upon a ceremony to drive away the bad spirits.



Well, that’s it for the wats!

Jumpa Lagi!


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