Exploring Luang Prabang Part 1: Sunsets, Monks, and Smiles

This past April Iris and I took another epic holiday, as we always do this time of year. Seriously, our track record is pretty amazing. Myanmar, Australia, and now Laos. We had a special guest this time around, our friend Lai Wan. She was a bit camera shy but you will see her pop up in a few shots and in the videos too. (Because of course there are videos!)

The first day and a half of our trip was spent in Luang Prabang, which kind of served as our home base for our adventures. Upon arriving and checking in to our hotel, we set out to see the sunset from the top of Mount Phousi!

The sun setting over the freaking Mekong River!


Well we are just darling aren’t we? Not heard, all the very very loud Tourists on their phones. Seriously, one guy people eventually told to shut up because he was talking at the top of his lungs



Next up, we did a little exploring of the night market. This was a surprisingly robust night market, for such a small sleepy town. We did come in the off season, as the rainy season was about to start, but I was surprised how quiet it was. The city is on the backpackers trail, now apparently called the Banana Trail, but it did not feel over run yet. This is due in part to the peninsula part of the city being designated a UNESCO world heritage site. This forced all of the development to the outskirts of the city and left the center much as it was 100 years ago.


It’s Cobra!!!! Seriously, why is Cobra all over this tuktuk?!?!?


We got up super early the next morning to see the alms ceremony. Yes, this is a bit touristy but it still maintains the feel of a vital and normal part of the everyday life of Luang Prabang. Our guest house was on a side street so we just waited out front and seemed to be somewhat away from the tourists. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of people actually giving the alms, because as a general rule of thumb I try not to take pictures of people praying or participating in religious ceremonies. While this is a spectacle and an attraction to me, it is something these people do everyday. It means something to them and I wanted to respect that as much as I could.



Next up was the morning market were we had some great food. Amazing food. I can’t wait to tell you all about it and show it to you, but that will be in a later post/video because of course there is a video!

But I can show you some nice shots of the morning market anyway.


These girls were not amused with my jokes. I did ask to take their photo and they said yes. But smiling was not on the agenda.
Making flower offerings for Buddha


That’s it for now!

Jumpa Lagi!


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