We Went to the Olympics! Day Three-the day we didn’t go to the Olympics!

There are three videos about our trip to Korea and two blog posts but I am sure that is not enough for all of you! Are you just foaming at the mouth mad because I haven’t written one of my signature semi snarky blog post about the final day of our weekend getaway to the Olympics? I knew it!

This blog post, as I have mentioned many times, has kind of fallen off my priority list now that I am a youtube superstar in the making. But the written word and photography is still my first love so I am going to try to work on writing more.

But enough of that, let’s revisit Korea!

So on the final day we had tickets to go to bobsledding late at night but we made the executive decision that given the weather conditions and the travel issues we would probably have had that we should just skip it. So instead we spent the day/night exploring Seoul a little bit!

First stop was breakfast. I still to this day have no idea what this was. Everything was of course in Korean, and not too many people spoke English. No one in this particular shop did so we pointed at the one thing on the menu we didn’t think had fish in it and went for it. It was good, even if it still remains a mystery.

Next up was Gyeongbokgung Palace. Now we had heard that the locals like to rent out traditional outfits and walk around the park and we thought that our friends were putting us on. Turns out they were underselling how popular this is!


The palace itself was certainly nice. Not as entertaining as everyone taking pictures of themselves, but still kind of nice.


We tried to get into the picture taking game ourselves. We didn’t have traditional Korean outfits. Instead we went for the “Americans who used to like the winter to varying degrees but moved to a tropical climate and are freezing” outfits. I think we pulled it off nicely.

At the back end of the palace is a museum which we didn’t go into, mostly because we didn’t want to but also because they had some great activities going on outside for the lunar new year. So we enjoyed those. We mailed postcards to our families in America. About two months later we learned that the Korean postal system only likes my hand writing. They delivered my post card but for some reason sent both of Iris’ to our address in Malaysia, despite that address clearly being in the return address section.


I spent most of that time taking pictures of the kids playing with their kites because, well, they were so freaking cute!

Next we walked up to the traditional village where I didn’t take that many pictures. It was fun, but I think I was focusing on videos in that place. I did take this cool picture of, you guessed it, people in traditional outfits posing for pictures!


I just like the image of the dress with modern shoes. Eh, I entertain myself taking these photos and that’s all that matters right?

Next up was the night market where we ate lots of good food. And found some random things, like a police station with it’s own mascot because of course it has it’s own mascot, this is Asia!

I don’t know what a memory lunch is….but I have not forgotten it so I guess that was their point after all.

Well that’s all for now. Off to write another blog post or make a video. Being productive is fun!


Jumpa lagi!


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