We Went To The Olympics! Day Two*!

*EDITORS NOTE: So I kind of messed up the numbering of days. This was our second day at the actual Olympics themselves, but technically our third (if you count a half day as a day, which I do) in Korea. So the numbering on the videos doesn’t necessarily match the numbering on the blogs. Interesting stuff I know!


Ah day two! After taking a train back at like 11pm, on which we had standing room only tickets which meant 80 minutes of, you know just standing, we found ourselves up bright and early the next morning to take an early train back to the mountains and the Olympics. One thing we learned for sure is that all of your planning might not matter. The Olympics do whatever the Olympics want to do. We were suppose to go to the Women’s Super G in the morning but it was windy so that got pushed back, which meant we could either go and miss most of our curling event, or just skip it. We voted skip it, and went right to the curling center to get a bit more of our favorite sport. It was not hard to just walk up and get tickets and in fact they ended up being better seats then the later session we went to.


Next we did a little bit of exploring of the area. This site was the area where speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, and curling were taking place. Not in the same arena of course. As we were walking to curling people were scalping tickets to the morning women’s figure skating session. We were not interested, not that we could have afforded it anyway, but we were not interested.

Soohorang and us!
Is this bear giving us the nazi salute??!?!?

No seriously, does it look like he is giving us the nazi salute? I understand that he is waving to us only his arm isn’t moving but it took me awhile to get to that.

We had a short break then we went back to the curling center for the Men’s matches.

The teams getting announced
Korean team
Saya fikir saya tadi kata dia “Saya Sayang Kamu”
Umm…I think something got lost in translation. Or they could just be talking about snow…


After exploring the area we grabbed some dinner and were embarrassed by other Americans. They were loud and drunk and it reminded me why so many people hate Americans around the world. We are often very arrogant about local cultures and tend to impose our own societal values and norms on whatever situation we are in. That was the case at dinner. It was a tiny little chicken place and the vibe of the room matched that. Until about 12 rowdy drunk Americans came in. Some even started chanting U-S-A. On behalf of them, I apologize. I also apologize for Trump even if I didn’t vote for him but mostly I just tell people that America is stupid, that is why he got elected…I suppose that is another topic for another day though.

Speaking of Trump, on to hockey! The only time Trump came up was at the Hockey match versus Olympic Athletes from Russia.

Drunk Russian in bathroom who sees my USA hat: Oh USA. I like Putin but I love Trump. Do you love Trump?

Me: no

Drunk Russian: Why not? He is great!

Me; Because I am not racist.

Drunk Russian: Ha you Americans are so funny.

He then proceeds to have a conversation in Russian with his friend where the only words I can pick out are Trump and USA several times.

Other than that, the Russian fans were great. They were loud, organized, and after the match they were overall very friendly. They stopped to take pictures with Americans and were overall fun to have around. Also, they have better chants than us. Just saying. The U-S-A chant is second to none of course, but that is all we Americans had. The Russians had different chants depending on the situation. We need this sort of thing American fans!


The American team. Boys among men. The Russians kicked our butts, as they should have, they are all professionals in the Russian Hockey League (KHL). We need to bring the NHL back into the fold and get the pros back into the Olympics…uh wait…..

That’s all for now.

Jumpa Lagi!




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