Christmas in Kuala Lumpur (kind of)

For all the videos I make about going to other places, I haven’t made a lot of videos about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. This is partly due to time. We have lived here long enough that most everything just seems normal to us. To the eyes of someone not living here however, it might seem interesting or different or at least worthy of a 3-5 minute video.

So that is the idea behind the new series of videos we are going to start making: Kota Kita! Or for those who don’t speak Malaysian, our city! We have two videos done, although only one is published. I have a list of places, foods, and experiences I want to commit to video and share with everyone. I still harbor secret fantasies of our videos, this blog, or my photographs of becoming well known and somehow I can make this a full time career thing. This is because I love doing this, and because of my not so secret desire to not return to the States while a certain someone is president because I think he might destroy the country in a short time.

But enough doom and gloom, it’s Christmas time! So here is the first video in a hopefully long and fruitful series!


That’s all for now

Jumpa lagi!



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