The Non Casino Part of Macau

An alternative title for this blog could be “The weird broken church everyone knows about in Macau” and the stuff around it. I mean, that would be deeply cynical and incorrect but it could be a title for this blog post all the same.

The second day in Macau we spent exploring the Portuguese side. So far I have done a good job of resisting the large history geek inside me and not going off in detail on the history of Macau, the Portuguese in Asia, China and the West, Special Administrative Regions in China, and so much more…and I am going to keep resisting that temptation. I once wrote about the Melakka Straits and how cool they were, so you can find that blog post if you want a bit more history.

Let’s keep it short instead: Macau was once part of Portugal’s vast overseas empire until it wasn’t anymore. Now it is a Special Administrative Region in China, like Hong Kong. Unlike Hong Kong, there is not a massive democracy protest movement. It is still what they call “one country, two systems” though. China is very close to Macau. It is a lot smaller than Hong Kong, so you can’t miss China. Like, there is a small inlet and then BOOM there is China.
Because of this history and the future, it feels like Macau is divided into two or three different cities. There is the casino part, which is like Vegas but thankfully not filled with loud drunk Americans. Then there is the Portuguese side, which we will explore today, and finally the Chinese side, which is everywhere obviously. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Ruins of St. Paul’s

There were a lot of crowds in front of the ruins of Saint Paul’s Church, even early in the morning.


This is part of a new series of photos called “Kevin put on the timer to take a nice picture of us and then tried to take a normal photo of something else and forgot to turn off the timer”. Working title only…

Ruins of St. Paul’s from a hill nearby


Random shots around the city



I don’t remember what this is but obviously it is really cool.
Which is better: This one….
or this one? You decide!

Well, that is it for now. There might be a food post later about some of the great food we ate in Macau, but there might not be. Who knows? There will be another video about Macau because I am still working on it and I know I will finish it. I don’t know if I will finish another blog post but perhaps Iris will! Hey Iris, you should write something about Macau! Now let’s see if she reads the blog posts I write….

Jumpa Lagi!


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