Macau in Pictures and Maybe Some Words

Oh Macau Macau Macau. Or Macaw as apparently it is spelled in some places or at least some booking websites because I could never find my ticket confirmation after we booked the tickets so long ago. This really has nothing to do with anything, just thought I would mention it.

I was filled with thoughts of a book I read a long time ago, “The Air Conditioned Nightmare” when we were in Macau. The title probably gives you a hint. The book was written by Henry Miller after living in France for a number of years. The book is his impressions of America upon returning and generally sums up my big concerns for what my feelings about America will be when we finally return there. If it is still standing. A certain somebody with certain too much power but that’s another post of another kind of blog. I thought about it while in Macau because there is a general air of artificiality to the place. The casinos are these big hulking monstrosities designed to look like something they are not. They are difficult to escape from, in a literal or figurative sense. The Grand Lisboa can be seen everywhere in Macau.

But there is another side to the city for sure, something approaching a bit more of an authentic experience, that we also experienced a bit. Ironically perhaps, we found it while doing a walking tour of historical sights that we downloaded from the office of tourism for the city.

The Grand Lisboa. Look familar?
Jeff Koons sculpture in the lobby of a casino


We enjoyed walking around the city and it was nice to be in a relatively cool climate. While my blood has gotten used to the hot air of KL, I certainly don’t enjoy walking around in it mid day. Now, running around in it for 25 miles in the morning, that’s a whole other story!

Studio City
The Glitz and glammer!
Neon soaking neon
Neon soaking everything



Our first day was spent enjoying Taipa and Coloane. Apparently Macau is three islands, or it was. Two of them are now joined by reclaimed land and it is there that you find the new giant casinos. Despite having like a fourth of the number of casinos of Vegas, Macau makes about 7 times more every year from gambling. It was easy to see why. Most of the table games have minimum bets that were far and above anything we felt comfortable gambling with. We spent our time mostly on the slot machines. That’s not true, our time gambling was spent entirely on the slot machines.

You can see more of our first day adventures here:

Macau Day One

On to day two….in another blog post!


Well actually it will not be day two. This is my pictures of some glitz and glamour. The next blog post, while mostly taking place on the second day, will be more of the so called “authentic” experiences. This is mostly because I want to milk this travel experience for all it is worth! But it’s also just easier to organize my thoughts this way, and not overload you with THE PURE AMAZINGNESS OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS!


Jumpa Lagi


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