Our Trip To Siem Reap- The Further Afield places

So there is Angkor Wat, which is really just one temple. Then their is the ancient city of Angkor, which is what the last post showed. And then there are two places that are a bit further afield. One is the River of 1000 Lingas which basically means it is the river of 1000 penises. No, that isn’t a joke, that is real. Then there is Banteay Srei, which is a 10th century temple dedicated to Shiva. The reasons for wanting to go to the first place are obvious. As for the second one, it is one of the few temples carved out of sandalwood, which is a softer wood, which in temple world means better carvings! So we rented a car through our hotel and off we went!

First up:

Kbal Spean aka The River of 1000 lingas

The Local Life

Just chilling
Not pictured: The snake Iris kicked by accident that, while tiny, was very mad at her


The Carvings

The mini falls, going over just a few of the 1000 lingas
Shiva on a lotus


The waterfalls


That mini tripod is paying for itself!


A short little hour drive back down the road to Siem Reap leads us to our next stop…


Banteay Srei

The OTHER carvings


The Temple Itself….or is it themselves?

Because as you can see, there are more than one structure but we refer to it as one temple…ah the places an English Teacher’s mind will go when he doesn’t want to correct essays….


I am not sure what Iris is doing there, but she’s just super cute isn’t she?!?!?!?

That’s all for now but Siem Reap is not done. Coming up soon, the insects and how we ate them! Also I see that Iris is preparing something about our little trip so be sure to look for that.

Jumpa Lagi



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