Our Trip To Siem Reap-The Angkor Thom Chapter

After our visit to Angkor Wat (See that exciting adventure in the previous blog post) we headed off to Angkor Thom, the walled city. It is probably most famous for the old city gate you drive through, and Bayon, which is the temple with all the faces on it.

They are pulling a snake and turning the milk sea. It’s part of an old hindu legend and it is imagery you see everywhere in these temples


the approach to Bayon…
…and Bayon itself!

As we were starting the walk up to the top of the temple, an Irish woman told us that it is photographers heaven up there…if you can get the Chinese Tourists out of the way. Boy oh boy was she right. Mainland Chinese tourists everywhere! And it was a great place to take photos!

Artsy fartsy on the inside


The Cats of Bayon. Just for Susie!


And once again, I put that tripod to good use!

That guy next to us is trying soooo hard to not be in our photo. He was not successful but I appreciate the effort! Don’t worry, we took another one without him in it


Next we headed over to Baphoun because we couldn’t find our Tuk Tuk drive. This is an 11th century pyramid style temple so yeah, kind of old!



Next step was Ta Prohm which is the temple overrun by trees and tourists taking photos next to the spots Angelina Jolie stood in Tomb Raider! Beautiful temple but by far the most crowded. But we’ll get to that in the next blog post!


Jumpa Lagi!




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