How To Lose Weight In Malaysia Part 37-The Phnom Penh Edition

Now I can’t call this the Cambodia edition, because Iris and I just returned from a trip to Siem Reap where we did a lot of eating. I will have a lot to say and show about all of that food, but for now I want to play catch up and talk about what I ate in Phnom Penh when I went there oh so long ago. Really only like 7 weeks ago but it feels a lot longer. It’s great to have so much to talk about on this blog but also difficult because I have so much I want to talk about. Sigh, such a tough life.

So I present to you the food I ate in Phnom Penh in the order I downloaded the pictures to my computer at work, where I am currently writing this during my breaks from teaching.

Some simple fried noodles. Not bad, but not great. Nothing to write home about…oh wait…
Same thing here, nothing special. This was one of my “I am tired and don’t want to try” meals
This was not what I thought it was. I assumed it was liver or something of the sort. I have been told that the bigger bits are pigs ears but I am sure the smaller fluffier looking bits are intenstines
Okay this, this was something special. Super cheap, only $1, and super tasty. It’s called bai sach chrouk. It’s just broken rice and pork, with some veggies on top. It is a traditional breakfast dish and could be found all throughout the city being sold on the side of the street.
I honestly cannot remember what this is or where I ate it. But it looks good. EDIT: Ah yes I remember now. Just some fried noodles from the “food court” in one of the markets. To call it a food court is very nice, hence the written “food court”. Here, it looked like this:
The food court I was talking about in the last caption.
This is another one of the big boys of Cambodian food. It’s num banh chok, but it is so ubiquitous that it is usually just called Khmer Noodles. We had a different version of it in Siem Reap and both were outstanding!
This is the big boy: Pork with Ants. Check out the video below if you want to see my deeper thoughts on my first time eating insects




Well, that’s kind of it for Phnom Penh foods and my blog posts about Phnom Penh. Saya harap kamu suka ia!

Jumpa Lagi!




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