An Ode to American Breakfast

Not until we moved to Malaysia did I truly begin to understand the beauty that is American breakfast. Of course here we have roti canai, nasa lemak, and fancy western style brunch places, but let me tell you ‘western brunch’ is NOT American breakfast. With all my talk of craft beer, drip coffee, and Taco Bell, it wasn’t until I reflected on my trip back home that I realized the true food we’re missing over here: the big, greasy, American breakfast. It definitely contributed to my weight gain while home (look forward to the post How To (Actually) Lose Weight in Malaysia), and it was glorious. Like:


One of my first breakfasts back: fried egg, bacon, bagel. Two of the three you can not get here, at least not in a decent version. A week old Panera bagel was light years better than any bagel I’ve had in two years…and just don’t get me started on bacon. I just can’t.

Now we get to the serious stuff. That’s right, I’m talking biscuits. Biscuits here means slightly sweet crackers…gross, no, wrong. FYI Americans, this place is called The Fancy Biscuit, and it’s in the Fan in Richmond, and it was exactly what I needed in my life…I even forced this small Romanian person to chow down on the deliciousness, and I’m sure she was glad. What you see here is the perfection of southern charm: pimiento cheese and bacon biscuit, biscuits with cheese and collard greens, and you can’t do much better than classic biscuits and gravy. I’m guessing my Malaysian friends reading this are starting to see why Americans have an obesity problem. Well, it gets better!!! What’s better than breakfast food? BREAKFAST BUFFET!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, that’s right. More biscuits and gravy, more bacon (getting that good good waffle syrup all on it), eggs with nacho cheese sauce, and a waffle with whipped cream. So disgustingly delicious. In fact you would think after something like this I would have called a cardiologist and gone back to fruit and oatmeal. No, no no my friends I had more pimento cheese and bacon biscuits, more bagels, more bacon, more bacon, more bacon, and an epic blueberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast that arrived on the table just after this was taken:


Now I’m back here eating yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, and veggies (I mean we did have a delicious Ramly burger last weekend, and I just chowed down on muruku, but…we can’t eat like we’re on vacation alllll the time). Though, I didn’t just limit my American food nonsense to breakfast, I still hit up those classics:

Welp, now that I’ve proved I’m gross, let me go fix some tofu and veggies for dinner!

Jumpa Lagi!

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