How To Lose Weight In Malays Part 36-The I haven’t posted about food in a long time so let’s talk about burgers edition

June. June was the last time I did one of these tongue in cheek how to lose weight in Malaysia posts. Rest assured I have been eating since then, and eating things I want to share with all of you. I have a trip to Cambodia where I certainly want to talk about food with you. I have lots of random photos of random foods on my cell phone that I should probably get around to talking about. But I want to talk right now about one specific type of food: The famous Ramly Burger, the traditional burger style of Malaysia. We have heard a lot about it and have resisted it. Why? I have no idea. Because spoiler alert, it is amazing. It is something I am glad I discovered and glad I did not discover sooner, because I might have been tempted to eat more of it. I am also going to have some pictures in here of WHERE we got this burger. Our plan was to check out Bukit Ampang. I posted a video I made of our little trip there a few weeks ago, but I want to include some photos too because I love taking photos and if I don’t share them with the world, what’s the point of taking them?? So this is a weird edition of HTLWIM because I am only going to show one picture of food and talk about only one picture of food.

It’s a pretty nice view from up there
My school is somewhere over there in the distance…
The view with a view of people eating. How fun


Oh and a panorama shot before the one shot of food? Sure, why not.


Ok now the food.IMG_1789.JPG

Can’t see the meat can you? That’s because it is wrapped in an egg, covered in mayonaise and chili sauce, and served in the bun. It was amazing! I know, I gave the reveal away in the first paragraph but it bares repeating for a third time: It’s amazing! And the place we got it at I don’t think is regarded as one of the better places to get ramly burgers in the city so needless to say we will have to try one of the so called best places and see what the difference is.

That’s it for now. Lots of good stuff coming up soon!


Jumpa Lagi!


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