Ummm, guys I rode in a helicopter!

For those of you who don’t know, I left my darling husband behind in KL, and headed back to the states for almost the entire month of August. Although I know the US isn’t quite as exciting as our trips around Asia, I still wanted to share some of the exciting highlights from my trip. The first, as I’m sure you could guess from the title, was my experience riding in a helicopter!!!! You guys, it was awesome! And I have my awesome mom to thank for a bucket list worthy experience! So here’s the deal:

Mom and I were in Vegas and we wanted to see the Grand Canyon. My mom’s not really into long hikes in the hot, hot heat, and we only had 2 full days in Vegas so our time was limited. So we did it. She splurged and booked us on a Maverick helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon with a stop at the West Rim Skywalk. It was amazing! They picked us up at our hotel around 8 in the morning, and by 9 we were flying! It was about a four hour tour, so make sure you use the bathroom there before hopping in the helicopter.

Two sexy sky ready ladies!

We got to wear the headphones and everything! Our awesome pilot Aaron (what?!, hey yo nice name!) gave a great audio tour as we flew filled with good information and excellent dad jokes. I thought it was great that they switched up who got to ride in the front as we went out and back, as the front definitely has the better views.

The flight out was beautiful! We flew over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and then, of course, on to the West Rim of the Canyon. You could really see how low the water level of Lake Mead has gotten, if you check out the water line in the third picture below…

We landed at the West Rim and headed out to the SkyWalk. This is a relatively new walkway that goes out over the canyon. It’s a little disorienting…I kind of clung to the sides and stayed on the frosted glass, as the whole thing is glass, and it’s about 4,000 feet above the bottom…ieeeeeeeee! My only compliant is that the time there is VERY limited and we were only out of the helicopter for about 30 minutes total. Of course, I can’t complain about MORE HELICOPTER!

The ride back included some amazing views of the Las Vegas strip and downtown. Overall, I have to say it’s something that you should at least consider if you’ve ever wanted to: A. see the Grand Canyon or B. ride in a helicopter. If you take the tour that doesn’t land, it’s actually not much more than two top show tickets.

And finally, a little video:

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