Exploring Majed Jamek or Part 3 of What I did While Iris Was Away

I hope these are interesting. I can almost guarantee that part 4 is much more interesting, since that will be where I start recounting my trip to Cambodia. More on that later obviously.

For now, the last “exploring my own city” trip I took was to Masjid Jamek. Masjid is Arabic for mosque and I have no idea what Jamek means or if it is Arabic or Malaysian. That is kind of besides the point here. It is where the two muddy rivers join and in part where KL gets its name. It is also coincidentally where the city began. I don’t have a good picture of the name sake Masjid because of construction and some mean construction workers who would not let me step onto the sidewalk to take a photo. Stupid construction workers…

The big attraction there, besides Merdeka Square which was getting ready for the big Merdeka day parade, is the pasar malam. I did take pictures of that, because there were no construction workers to stop me. Take that construction workers!



Just like in America, you can’t have an independence celebration without giant flags everywhere. It helps me feel at home that the flag is almost the same as the American version. Good old red, white, and blue!

I realize now that I didn’t take a lot of photos of the actual market itself. I have been there many times and frankly the better version of it is found during Ramadan. There are a lot of photos of trips we took to the market during that time if you are interested. I would hyperlink them here but, you know, laziness.


I did take a picture of this guy. He appeared to be someone famous, because everyone else was taking photos of him and seemed excited. Maybe it’s just that someone took a photo because he was so tall, and so someone else took a photo, then another person and all of a sudden it becomes contagious. Everyone is taking photos and this poor guy is just trying to walk down the street.

Maybe he is just some normal guy…

No no he was famous. You can even see his security guys in the photos.


Random street scenes, meet my blog. Blog, meet more random street scenes. The old shop houses of KL are really beautiful. I think Singapore has more in better condition. I believe they are original, not sure, but they are easy on the eyes for sure.


Obviously I can’t go to the smaller Little India without getting some of my favorite Indian treats. It seems like every place calls them different and there is an actual name that once again I am too lazy to look up, but it’s the white cookie looking things on the upper left. THEY. ARE.AMAZING. They are soft and doughy, with a real great vanilla flavor to them. They are made with milk, as most of the lighter coloured treats are in the picture. And yes American friends, I just spelled something the British way. I teach using a British English book, I can’t help it!

Okay, I could help it but I don’t care to.


Everywhere you go, there they are!


The muddy river from which Kuala Lumpur, which means muddy river, gets it’s name.


That’s it for now. Coming soon, Cambodia! I am excited to tell you all about it and if I get over my nerves, share a longer video I made of my trip to that hot and dusty country.


Jumpa Lagi!



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