Exploring Chow Kit or Part 2 of What I Did While Iris Was Away

I have a drone. It is a good drone. But I keep crashing that drone when I try to fly it. Finally this drone broke. So I decided to take it to a store to get it repaired. This store just happens to be in a part of town called Chow Kit. This part of Chow Kit also happens to be a single street that is made up of pretty much only toy shops, specializing in the RC variety. It also appears to be the part of town where you can spot the elusive prostitute, because I am fairly certain I was propositioned. I am not one who has EVER been interested in prostitutes but I cannot stress enough how much I was NOT interested in this one.

Anyway, let’s move on. After I got my drone fixed I decided to do a little bit of exploring. What follows is a sort of photo essay on this specific part of my KL, and is by no means an exhaustive cataloging of Chow Kit. To be informal about it, I had fun walking around and taking photos and wanted to share some of them with you. Enjoy or don’t enjoy, that is your choice. But you should totally subscribe to this blog and tell all your friends to do it! That is not a choice!

This is the street I explored. This is from a fly over on the street. Exciting stuff!


The traffic and the monorail….monorail….MONORAIL! (Sorry, had to try to throw in a Simpsons reference obviously)


The Colors…
…the other colors….
…the same colors from a different angle…or maybe it’s different shops…


Everywhere you go, there they are




Well that’s it for this brief non extensive tour of Chow Kit. I did other things while my wife was away, but eating ice cream a lot doesn’t really make for an exciting blog entry…or does it? No, it doesn’t.


Jumpa Lagi



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