Exploring Brickfields or Part 1 of what I did while Iris was away

Iris, my wife, spent August in The USA. I couldn’t go because of work…nor would I have gone if I could have…maybe. Leaving once was hard enough, so I am reluctant to go visit and go through all of that again. Also, my general policy is that I should use my vacation days to explore countries I have not been to or don’t know as well as America. Lastly, Trump. I would love to avoid being in America while Trump is President for as long as I can…or as long as I can convince Iris to stay away!

So while Iris was away I did three different…no four different explorations. Three of them were in KL and one of them was….somewhere else. We’ll get to that one last. First up, I spent a day exploring Brickfields. Yes I have been there before, many times in fact. But I feel like I have never blogged about it so I made a trip just for that purpose.

Okay that was a lie. I had another purpose too: To see the old train station in KL. And while it was amazing the pictures are totally a failure. I am still going to show you some of them, but they are not my best work. I have driven by the train station many times, ridden by it in a train even more times, and I ran past it once during a marathon. So it is not a foreign place to me.


Ah I lied to you again! That is actually not the train station. That is the office of the organization that runs the trains. They were all taken from across the street, which is where the train station is. Crossing the road proved to be difficult and not something I wanted to deal with in the heat. So instead, I tried to take cool photos of the train station like this:


See, kind of fun right?

I also enjoyed the views walking back towards Brickfields, aka Little India.


Brickfields is called that because it is literally where they used to make bricks for the buildings in the cities. Since this was a laborious task, it was given to the Indians to do. Hence the reason it turned into Little India today. I love this place. I love the sights, the smells, most of the people, and the clash between modernity and an older version of KL. See, this is also where KL Sentral is, the main train station and transportation hub of the city. As a result, there is a pocket of skyscrapers and development there. You can see that in the above photo.


Above is Jalan Scott, one of the big restaurant areas of Little India. This being a Saturday afternoon and it being blazingly hot outside, there were not a lot of people around. At the end of the street is a beautiful temple.


Next up I hit the main drag to track down some Indian sweets. If you have not had Indian sweets, do yourself a favor and find them NOW. Amazing stuff. Very very sweet, so as long as you are okay with that, it is worth an attempt to find them in your home town and try them now!

This is the main street in Brickfields, heading towards Sentral which is on the right side near the skyscrapers. This is always what this street looks like


The fresh flower market. Perfect for all your offerings at the temple

Lastly a building in KL Sentral that caught my eye


Okay I lied again. Another picture of something random!


This just screams Brickfields and KL to me: The outfit and the fact that he is making teh tarik, or pulled tea. You know what teh tarik goes good with? Indian sweets! See what I did there? Clever…

This is in no one an exhaustive search of Brickfields. Just a way I spent an idle Saturday while my wife was away in The USA.


Jumpa Lagi!



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