One of me, one of her, two of me, two of her

Wow what a cryptic title. What could I be referring to? Well I will let you in on the secret. Before Iris went back to The States for August, we went on a little trip to the Sky Mirror Beach for her birthday.

The title of the beach should be a give away to what the beach is. But in case you can’t figure it out let me show you an example:

So we were told by the company we arranged this with the bring something colourful because it helps with the effect, and to wear something bright. I think we are literally the only people who did that. We were popular because of it, with our second rainbow mirror being borrowed by a few people.

First, the trip out. Obviously it is during low tide. You go out a few kilometers into The Malacca Straits.


The lazy and quiet Selangor River. However just about 20 minutes into the ride out we took a sharp turn because someone spotted…Dolphins!

I had no idea there were dolphins here. Of course, in keeping with a theme on the blog lately, I had some great video of the dolphins on my other hard drive…

But let’s move on. Finally we made it to the big old sand bar that they call Sky Mirror Beach. It went on for the length of about 120 football fields we were told. You could see just standing there that it stretched quite a ways. We walked far enough to get away from the crowds and using the new tripod I bought just for this occasion, we had some fun!

First attempt, okay. It took us awhile to understand that the water had to be still. We got the hang of it eventually.


Iris did NOT like taking this shot but I swear it was her idea!

So that lesson I said earlier about the water having to be still? That made taking photos of the two of us a bit harder. We had a tripod and a timer, but if I ran to fast to get in the frame, the mirror effect would not work. There was a tip toeing run I perfected that allowed us to get some great shots. We also had one of the guys from the tour company take some great photos of us but Iris has all of those on her phone and she doesn’t like to share.

See what I mean? The water is not still, and the effect doesn’t work


A recreation of one of our favourite photos from out wedding!


Also, I was fascinated by the little pools the tide created and the life that lived there. I had some great pics and photos I took with the gopro but yeah…you know.


On the way back we got to see the thing Iris was so excited about seeing in Malaysia that we have become a bit jaded about, monkeys! They were lining the shore, watching us probably.



…and birds…
…and monkeys with birds…


…more monkeys…


…and oh yeah, this giant monitor lizard!


Well that’s it for now. It was a great trip, a great way to celebrate my wife’s birthday!


Jumpa Lagi!

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