Wat Arun in Bangkok

Again, this blog will start with me lamenting about the lose of my hard drive. I had a nice video I made at Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn, in Bangkok about how our whole trip was this dichotomy of the superficial and the supreme because we spent most of our time shopping and then we visited a temple. And I further talked about how this is what Bangkok is: The divine and the…uh…whatever the opposite of divine is that doesn’t make me sound too stuck up and conceited. Anyway, we decided that we had to visit at least one temple when we were in Bangkok. Last time we were hear they were doing some work on Wat Arun and they still were this time! But there was a lot less scaffolding so bonus!


Okay, on to the temple. I preface this by saying that I know nothing about the temple or at least do not remember anything about the temple. Hmm…oh I know. I had a video about it but my hard drive crashed and I lost it and I am too lazy to go through the history of the temple again. Yeah that works.

See, I told you they were doing some work on it


Is that a goddess or my wife? Or both?…



So far so good right? Good, because here are a few more!


Lastly, we went to the ammulet market. I love this place. And once again, I did take a nice video of inside it but yeah….I only took a few photos. I feel weird taking photos inside the place. I love shopping there. Basically Buddhists in Thailand wear amulets of Buddha around their neck. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are really big, like 5 inches long and 3 inches wide or something like that. People take this very seriously. They bring jewelers glasses with them or whatever it is called, so they can see all the details of the amulet.


Okay, that’s the end of Bangkok for now. I am sure we will be back again. It’s a great city with of course some great food!

Jumpa Lagi!



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