The random things we saw in Bangkok when we were not shopping

Still a few more blog posts I am going to milk out of our trip to Bangkok. Don’t worry, we did other things than shopping. We walked from one shopping mall to the next! No, no, just kidding. Well, not kidding, we did walk from one mall or market to the next one, but we also visited the Temple of Dawn un-ironically at a time other than dawn. We’ll get to that one in the next post. But first, the random stuff we saw in Bangkok.

A giant dog outside of MBK, a really interesting mall if you like shopping
The former King. We both agree that he was a kind of handsome fellow
Seems weird to see so few cars on the road in Bangkok…
A big old portrait of the king inside MBK. They are still officially in mourning for the kind. The cremation ceremony and the Buddhist rites will take place this fall
Our favourite fruit!


A giant beautiful cat we found


Now the story of the cat has nothing to do with the cat. The real story of the cat is what we found next to it. I had a 20 minutes video of what we found and depending on whether or not the American technicians Iris has given my old hard drive to can fix it, I might still have a 20 minute video of the most random and weird and wonderful thing we stumbled upon during our time in BKK. Maybe the most random thing we have ever stumbled upon.

It was a dance cover contest. It took me a few minutes to understand the basic concept. Essentially each team covers the dance moves from a video/live performance of their favourite band. It is safe to assume, given where in the world we are, that they were covering K-Pop bands. It is honestly fascinating that K-pop is the dominate art form in all these countries buts that’s another story for another day.


The crowd was really into it


So during the first performance these guys would get up and do their own little dance moves. No idea why or what the point was.


I would also note that the whole time we were there, people were singing along to every single word.


Well that’s all for now.


Jumpa Lagi!



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