Yet another place we went shopping at that time we went to Bangkok to go shopping

Next up on the recap of our glorious shopping trip to Bangkok is Asiatique market. Now this one I had very low hopes for. Before we went to Bangkok we both made lists of the things we hoped to buy for ourselves and for other people. Well, Iris’s list had other people on it. I am a selfish bastard who only thinks of myself. At this point in out tripthe only thing I still had on my list was knock off goods. This market sounded like a hipsters paradise: Some old warehouses along the river turned into a shopping and eating destination and it’s right next to a amusement park. I was not holding my breath for a fake watch. (I was actually holding it because you take a boat to get to this market and sometimes the rivers in Bangkok don’t smell so minty fresh!)


Now obviously there are not a lot of photos of inside the shopping center. Most of the shops will even have signs that say no photos. Why? Because half of them were filled with great knock offs! I was dead wrong about this place! It was fantastic. I managed to get my fake Omega watch and my fake Mont Blanc pen, two things I very much love to purchase. Oh and fake Ray Bans (or Ray Bens depending on what part of the glasses you are looking at). But I did snag some nice photos of the general area and the amusement park. Or at least I thought I did. Turns out I took some photos on the gopro at this night market because that is a bit more on the down low then my big real camera.


But I’ll make it up to you. Here are some nice random photos from our trip to Bangkok.


Which one do you like better? This one…
…or this one? Also if you can’t tell, thats Iris in the red shirt in both of them.


Okay, that’s it for now.


Jumpa Lagi!


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