The other place we went shopping at when we went to Bangkok to go shopping

Please see the last blog post to see the impetus of our trip to Bangkok. We figured while we were there, we might as well do more shopping. Most of our friends and family will be getting gifts from this trip for the holidays. And some of you might be getting gifts from Bangkok next year as well. Maybe they are from this trip, maybe it will be from another trip to Bangkok. Who knows?? Well, I know bu I am not telling you that’s for sure!

Another exciting market we went to was the Rod Fai Market 2. I am not really sure where it is or what drew us to that market originally. Those are “Iris Questions” and this is a Kevin blog. She planned this trip. In gratitude for that, I am going to try to plan our trip to Angkor Wat in October and our December trip to Macau. Oh, I am also trying to get our trip to Laos at the end of December going too. Have I mentioned that a big benefit of living in KL is the cheap flights to all of Southeast Asia? I have? A lot? Well in case you are just going us, living in KL is awesome because I can fly to most of Southeast Asia for really cheap!

Anyway, once I found the name of this market I put it into google and saw the shot I knew I HAD to have. It is a rather famous shot…we’ll get to it in a second. I do this sometimes. When I get to place, I look for some kind of aerial perspective. This time it was easy to find, because I could see a few other people taking photos from there. After climbing up seven stories in the parking garage, I got my shot.


This is pretty much the iconic shot of this market
Nice sunset view over Bangkok. It was a view that made me happy to be alive in this spot at this moment
A mistake….or was it??

The market itself was eh. Maybe it’s because we spent most of the day at Chatuchak, but this was just okay. Apparently the sit down food court area we thought looked terrible was where all the good food was. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Hey look, it’s Iris!
From Iris’s angle


The market before the sun went down
The mall in front of the market. I don’t know why but I just liked the look
I have literally no idea what this is or why I took a photo of it. I don’t think we ate here


Okay, that’s all for now. Cakap ke kamu kemudian!


Jumpa Lagi!






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