That time we went to Bangkok just to go shopping

So warning at the start. I took a lot of photos and videos of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. They were on our gopro. I finally emptied the memory card and two days later my computer stopped working. So right now all those great videos and photos are sitting on a hard drive which may or may not but probably will never work again.

So that being said, here are a few photos of our trip to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. This is THE big weekend market in Bangkok and was really the main reason we went to Thailand for the Hari Raya holiday. It lived up to the hype as it was gigantic. We spent about 7 hours walking around and getting lost in the stalls.


We were told we had to try the coconut ice cream at the market, so we did. We also had some great mango sticky rice which was just freaking amazing!


The clock tower at the middle of the market. It was big but because the market is so much bigger, it was a bit hard to find.



That’s it. That’s all I have on Chatuchak…for now. There will be more to come about our little weekend shopping trip to Bangkok to come.

Iris is going back to The States for a month and she will be bringing my hard drive with her. Maybe someone there will be able to fix it. I am sure there are great computer shops here in KL, but being Orang Putih and not being an expert at the language, I have more faith in someone in Richmond fixing it. So if it gets fixed, watch out! There will be lots more on Chatuchak. But this is pretty good for now right? Right?? RIGHT??? I NEED VALIDATION!


Jumpa Lagi



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