Forest Research Institute of Malaysia trip

So as always….it’s been awhile. This time I have a good excuse. My computer crashed. My hard drive is kind of dead. I lost most of the photos from the last year. So the only pics I have of Taiwan or Hong Kong are the ones I posted on here or on my facebook account. So I have put off on making any blog entries until I got the computer fixed. Well now my computer works but there is nothing on there!

Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you about a trip I took during Ramadan to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, or FRIM. FRIM had a canopy walkway. I say had because it is now closed. Knowing that it was about to close, I made a reservation on a Monday holiday and convinced three of my fellow teachers to go with me. Iris couldn’t go because for perhaps the first time ever, I had a holiday off and she did not.

I can not remember what this is called, but essentially the canopy is shy. The trees will not block the other trees access to the light. There is only a few places in the world where you can see this…this might be the only place for all I know. But it is what FRIM is famous for. Also, it is famous for being the oldest man made forest. That’s right, every tree you see was planted by people.
This is what makes Malaysia so special. The jungle is hot hot hot…but man it is beautiful.
The crew


The reason they closed the canopy is because it was severely damaged in a store last year and is generally considered not safe anymore. So of course we wanted to walk on it! It was totally safe but as you can see, it is very high up and made of wood that does need to be replaced. That is just natural!



I forgot the name of this flower. I can never remember the names of these things. But it is a relative of the Rufflesia, the largest flower in the world, that blooms for like one week and then dies. This one bloomed two days ago our guide said. It’s already dying.



Well, that’s all for now. Now that my hard drive is officially dead, I can bite the bullet and start downloading some photos off of Facebook and post some content on here. Still missing is a few odds and ends from Ramadan, our weekend shopping trip to Thailand, and some general Malaysia fun.
Jumpa Lagi!



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