How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 35- The OTHER Berbuka Puasa edition

This year during Ramadan we had two special berbuka puasa meals, aka two fast breaking meals. The big one at the Yemeni restaurant you already saw in the previous post. This one was at the parent’s of one of Iris’s students house. Got it? They are a Bangladeshi family so the food was all Bangladeshi. This means two things: One, it was a lot like Indian food and my love of Indian food has been well documented on this website. Two, I have no idea what the names of any of the dishes are. With that being said, let’s look at some pictures of food!

IMG_1333 (1)
An overview of the whole table
Biryani Rice. Always a big hit with me
No idea…it was good, but no idea what this was
Roasted chick peas. As good as it sounds and as good as it looks
Like falafel, but made with lentils. It had some nice spice to it
Fish. Neither of us tried this so I have no comments
Desert. Really good. It tasted liked cookie dough with dates in it.
A different look. It was amazing
Iris all dressed up in her sari from Bangladesh



That’s it for now. It was a great meal!

Jumpa lagi!




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