How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 33-The Australia edition!

It’s time for that great tradition of our travels, the one with the misleading title about losing weight when in reality I put on like 2-3 pounds! As I think I mentioned before, our focus in Australia was two fold: Beer and burritos. Or at least Mexican food. It ended up being mostly burritos but I guess that’s kind of a happy accident. Some tacos made it in there too. The beer was important because there is really not a craft beer scene in Malaysia. There is barely a beer scene since it is illegal for half the country to drink. Australia did not disappoint on either end.


This was from a little chain right down the street from our apartment. We liked it so much we went twice. I had a burrito both times. First time was carne asado and the second time was steak. It was great! Expensive because of that stupid exchange rate but good.
A wider view of our meal
We decided to go fancy Mexican one night. This is the result.


The ironic part, if I am using that word right (and if I am not then I don’t care) is that the very nature of beer means that I am not likely to remember the names of the beers or what kind of beer it was. I can remember if they were good or not, but other than that commentary might be limited on the beer selections.


The bright red one in the right hand corner was a cherry sour. It was great. I went and got a full glass after trying this sample.
I do remember that the closest beer was a ginger beer, like an actual alcoholic one. It was amazing


We ate other stuff too. Here is a little taste of that. Ahh…see what I did there?!?!?

Anzac biscuits. Unironically, we had them on Anzac day in Australia.


This was from the amazing breakfast buffet we went to our first morning in Cairns. It was great!
This is what Burger King is called and looks like in Australia. Weird.


Lastly, a little video of the one weird food I tried in Australia: Kangaroo!


That’s all for now!
Jumpa Lagi!



One thought on “How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 33-The Australia edition!

  1. I did notice in the photo with Iris that she was wearing the t-shirt from the craft brewing place in Richmond!!!!!


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