We Went Down Under! Fourth Day in Sydney can mean only one thing: Surf and Sand!

Yeah so I couldn’t really come up with something creative for the title of this blog. Deal with it. So day four we decided to explore the coast, aka Bondi Beach. Bondi is world famous although for the life of me I had no idea why until we decided to come to Australia last year. (For those who do not know, we bought these tickets over a YEAR in advance. Air Asia was having a massive sale. We decided we would go to either Australia or New Zealand, as they are two of the more expensive tickets from America. The round trip tickets to Australia cost us about 1000 Ringgits. The round trip flight from Sydney to Cairns cost us more than that! 1000 RM equals roughly 200 USD. My wife might fact check this blog and tell me I am way off on the prices, but I know the flight from KL to Sydney was cheaper than the internal flight in Australia.)

So back to my point. Bondi is famous because it was where the first lifesavers club was started. This was the first club of its kind, dedicated to patrolling the beach and saving swimmers, sometimes from themselves. So there you go. it’s also famous because it is a beautiful beach inside a major metropolitan area. So it has that going for it.


Our main plan was to go along the cliff walk that would take us about 4-5 km down the coast. Our first stop was one of the swimming clubs. See, everything in Australia is designed to kill you. I know I have said that before. Even the water. The riptides can be deadly, as can the sharks, the box jelly fish and so much more. So some people got smart and built these salt water pools right into the cliffs. After seeing the crashing waves at the first one in Bondi Beach, I could not turn down the chance to jump in this one. So I did.

The cliff walk was great. There was supposedly some Aboriginal carvings along the way. We cannot confirm that this is it, but I think it is.



Once we got to the end, we hopped on the bus and made our way back to Newtown for more….Mexican food! My Malaysian student confirmed my theory today in class: there is no good Mexican food in KL because there are no Mexicans in KL. There might not be a whole lot of Mexicans in Sydney, but there must be some given how many Mexican restaurants there are. Or it could be that the competition among them makes them become better at making Mexican food. (EDIT: I looked it up. I could not find any count of the number of Mexicans living in KL. It was easy to find info about Australia. There are about 200,000 Latin Americans living in Australia. Most of them live in Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, which would confirm my theory: Australia has better Mexican food than KL because there are a whole lot more Mexicans living there)

Well, this is the end of our trip. Sure, there will be the classic “How to Lose Weight” Australia edition and maybe a “random encounters on the bottom of the world” edition of the blog, but this is the end of my formal recount of the trip. It was not my favorite place, but it was amazing. I have been blessed since living here to travel a lot…although it is not enough in my opinion, and I will keep traveling. Next up is Thailand for a fun weekend of shopping in Bangkok!

Jumpa Lagi!



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