We Went Down Under! Third day in Sydney aka when we finally saw The Opera House

It’s not like we were avoiding the Opera House. It’s just that they are not really going anywhere and can probably be viewed in most any condition. Where as the mountains and our planned trip on our last day to Bondi Beach are best done on nice days.
Our plan was to do a self guided walking tour of downtown Sydney after we scoped out the Opera House. Once again, my wife just killed the planning of this trip. It was interesting to see some of the older buildings. It helped us to get a real handle on the scope of the original settlement and how the city grew out of such humble beginnings.


There was also another sign that basically said “yeah we know there is a seal here, stop calling us about it”


Like Hellsgate Bridge in NYC, but bigger and better


So in The Rocks area, which is the oldest part of Sydney, they have these kind of on going excavations of the original settlements. Really interesting stuff


After the walking tour, it was time for the Bridge. Listen, the bridge is wonderful. It is amazing. But it is Hell’s Gate Bridge in NYC, just a lot bigger. And I think that bridge is kind of beautiful so this one is even better. We did not do the bridge walk. It is really expensive, even before trying to deal with a terrible exchange rate. But for a whole lot less, we went to the Bridge Museum, located in one of the pylons, with an excellent 360 degree viewing platform on a level a little lower than the bridge walk. Seriously, look it up: That shit is super expensive! The museum-not so much.

The last iron bathroom in Sydney. Weird. Still functional…I think. I did not use it because the words “international incident” kept running through me head


Same views as the bridge walk, but much cheaper


Next up, we took a ferry to Manly Beach. The beach was kind of secondary. Our primary concern was to take the ride through the harbor. Sydney Harbor is suppose to be one of the world’s best natural harbors and it did not disappoint. It is huge, first of all, if you count all those inlets…which they did. That’s convenient for me!


The beach was nice for sure. Very touristy, which did give me a chance to buy cheap(ish) sunglasses, but still touristy. It also had the only Starbucks we saw in Australia. Is that just because Australia has a big coffee culture of it’s own already? It was interesting to us because we do go to a Starbucks in every country we visit because a certain someone we know collects coffee mugs so obviously we have to get them one from every country.

What I liked the most about the beach was the pine tree lining the shore. It was a very different kind of beach from the tropical Queensland and kind of the opposite of what we usually picture when we think of beaches. Or at least I think of beaches. I guess I can’t really comment on what you think of when I say the word beaches. What about when I say the word waffle? Waiver? Something that doesn’t start with the letter ‘w’? Booklet?


Okay that was a fun game. Blog post over. Next up, Bondi Beach!


Jumpa Lagi!



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