We Went Down Under! Second day in Sydney means Blue Mountains

It almost seems like we are avoiding the big highlights of Sydney doesn’t it? I promise that eventually we did see all those great typical highlights of Sydney. The Blue Mountains, where we headed on our second day, is also on the tourist path. Usually this kind of thing bothers me, but things become popular because they are awesome sometimes. This is a case of that. We took a train up to Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, very early. Our plan was to hike around all day, catch a train back to Sydney, and eat more Mexican food!


One thing we learned: The bus ticket we bought there was was too freaking expensive. It offers continual pick up/drop off service from about 20 stops, that are all in line with the big overlooks/trails of the town. That is totally worth it…if you use it. We took the bus to our first stop, then walked on the trails for 14KM or so, and took the train back to the train station. I am sure in hindsight that we could have caught a public bus or just walked but we did not know that at the time. Also, they did give us a pretty good tour book that served as our map for the trails. I have not looked, but I am pretty sure I could find some version of that book online somewhere for free. I have not googled this yet, because if I am correct I might be very upset with the world. And if I am not correct…well I just don’t really cared. I already paid for the bus ticket! If you find yourself in the Blue Mountains let me know. I’ll take pictures of the tour book and send it to you so you can save some money.


Don’t get confused, I loved hiking on the trail. It was nice to be outdoors and it was really beautiful. I just know how bad the exchange rate is and how many ringgets that ticket cost us. Then again, another wonderful shared memory with my wonderful wife Iris is priceless isn’t it?*

*Okay, this is obviously true, even if I am laying it on think. I always lay it on thick, so much so that we had to come up with a new name for it. That’s how thick I lay it on. But I mean, just look at here! She is stunning. And if you have ever met Iris, you already know that she is the greatest person in the world. Yes that’s right,  you who are reading this: My wife is better than you. She is better than me. To use some very American vernacular, I am out punting my coverage for sure! I say this because it is true, but also because my wife planned this trip. She made all the arrangements, and I don’t think any of them went bad…even if I say that bus tickets was way too expensive!


Back to the mountains. The views did not disappoint. The waterfalls suck. We saw a lot of cockatoos on the train ride home, just kind of hanging out in the the trees. That was amazing too. It was a beautiful day spent with a beautiful woman. The Mexican food was good, albeit a bit more upscale then I normally like it. And there was a guy on the street selling really great used books! And more than a few people selling poetry. Is Newtown, Sydney more Brooklyn than the real Brooklyn? Not until Newtown produces it’s own Letham or Biggie Smalls….okay now I am just rambling. Let’s end this post here.


Jumpa Lagi


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