We Went Down Under! First day in Sydney

This will probably be the shortest post of the collection. After getting into Sydney and finding out way to Newtown, which would be our headquarters for our time here, it was mid afternoon. We were going to see the Opera House and all of that stuff later in the week so our priority for today was really simple. Mexican food. As I think I have said before, there is not good mexican food in KL. I suspect that this is due to a lack of Mexican people here, but it could be for a lot of reasons. Any pictures of Mexican food will obviously come later, when I do the infamous “How To Lose Weight in Malaysia-Australia Edition” blog post, as will any pictures of descriptions of all the craft beer we had in Sydney. This was another thing we wanted to do since there is not really any good beer in KL. If there is, it is super expensive due to the whole tax thing and this being a Muslim country.

Which leaves me with only a few pictures to discuss in this post. We spent the rest of our day walking around the Newtown area, checking out some street art. (And a fantastic used book store a block away from us. I loved it so much the first time I went back without Iris later in the night. This is another thing that is lacking in KL. There are used book stores, but they are not that great.) So enjoy some street art and other random photos of the night!

Best book store ever. I say that so much it has probably lost all meaning, but this one was great
It was run by a socialist or communist or something very left leaning, since about 20% of the books were about Australian labor relations and social protest movements. But seriously, I loved this place so much I went twice in one day. There are no used bookstores like this in KL and you know what I love? My wife…because she lets me go twice in one night to a used bookstore!


Aboriginal street art. I have a mild obsession with Aboriginal culture after reading the book “Songlines”. In short, it is about a guy trying to find out more about Aboriginal songlines. In short short, these are the songs that Aboriginals believe the gods sand to create everything. That is why the Earth and everything on it is sacred to them: It was all created by a god singing it into existence. These songs are then passed down within each tribe. Really interesting stuff.


The YH stands for Young Henry, which is a craft brewery in the neighborhood. We of course went there, because there are not any craft breweries in Malaysia. For some reason, a Muslim country is not big on beer. Strange…(sarcasm, just in case you could not tell)


You know, anytime I see pictures of cats or actual cats, I think of Susie Siry and I try to take pictures of said cat pictures or actual cats for Susie
I don’t usually make Iris pose but this time I had too. This might not be the best picture I took of her in this location. I am writing this blog in a very dark apartment as it is very early right now. Long story…well short story that I just don’t feel like telling


Jumpa lagi!



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