We Went Down Under! The Daintree edition

On our third day in Port Douglas we took our rental car and headed north towards the Daintree National Park. It is apparently the oldest rain forest in the world, which is certainly of consequence on it’s own. But in the story of Iris and I seeing the world, it now means we have been to the biggest rain forest in the world and the oldest.

Once again the driving along the coast was just beautiful. All of the beaches here have that “we just washed ashore after our boat sank” kind of feel, except without all the survivor’s remorse because probably a whole lot of people died when our ship sank stuff. That’s always a good thing to avoid I think. Our day involved lots of walking along some great and well maintained trails at various parts along the way. We got really excited because Cassowarys apparently live here, and they are cousins to what I call devil birds, aka Ostriches. Maybe not cousins in the biological sense, but cousins because they both look like dinosaurs and are out to get me. The ostriches in the KL Bird park at least have tried to kill me on two separate occasions and I have no problem extended my profound distrust of this bird to anything that looks like it. Hence the equation: Cassowarys=devil birds.

Crossing the Daintree River by ferry. Only way to get across
First in line. We are awesome


We did not see any Cassowarys, which is probably a good thing since our greatest chance for seeing them was probably as they were crossing the road, which means we probably would not have seen them at all. There were crossing signs for them all along the coast, included notices if there was a recent sighting in the area. They are pretty primordial old birds so I am sure the desire of the Australian government is to keep them alive, and not hit by some foreigner driving a car because he is convinced that they are out to get him because they are the spawn of the devil.

Cape Tribulation. Beautiful


We are officially the cutest couple in the world.
Just a reminder that everything in Australia is trying to kill you
Our second reminder of the day that everything is trying to kill you. Seriously. The box jellyfish is apparently the most poisonous animal in the world for NO REASON. It does not use this lethal ability to hunt or anything like that



Officially the coolest tree ever. I forgot the name of it but seriously, this thing is incredible!


It was a really fun day with lots of amazing sights in the national park. On the way back to Port Douglas we stopped at this random ice cream parlor that Iris had read good things about. They grow all their own fruits right there and boy and boy, was it great. Essentially you just get whatever they had made. We got the four scoop special. Iris wanted to share. I did not. It was waddle seed, passion fruit, mango, a fourth flavor we cannot remember the name of. It was the waddle seed that I have never heard of before and still don’t think I could really tell you what it was…other than good! (EDIT: We spent about five minutes trying to remember the fourth flavor because somebody just had to know. I will not say who but it wasn’t me. Let’s call them I. Heise. No that’s too obvious. Let’s go with Iris H.)


We called it an early night after this because they next day we were flying to Sydney! But first we stopped at the beach in Port Douglas to swim. The beach is big, but because of everything in Australia trying to kill you, you can only swim in a small section. That fence in the water? That’s for sharks…and jellyfish but mostly sharks. Yeah….

I still went in though of course



Jumpa Lagi!



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