We Went Down Under! Great Barrier Reef edition

Day two in Australia was perhaps the biggest day of our trip, in that we were visiting the biggest living organism in the world: The Great Barrier Reef! That is actually a complete lie, because the reef is made up of thousands of different reefs.

The reef from above.
The reef again, but from more above!

We went with a company that took us to three different reefs. We got to see a lot of different kinds of coral growth that I just can not explain to you. We saw some giant clams and a few people on our boat saw a shark apparently. I do not remember the name of the company but I would recommend them…so if you need a recommendation just let me know and I will find the name of that place.


Luckily for all of you, we bought a GoPro camera. Even better, it’s water proof! Bad news is the battery ran out after our first dive, so while I do have some photos of our first dive, I do not have anything from the second dive or third dive site.


I have some video footage too, but I am working on doing something with that. Just like I am working on all that video footage I have from my parent’s trip to Malaysia. What’s that? You want to see just a little bit of video? Well, okay!

We also got to see pats of the reef that are dying…which is strange because my President promises that climate change is a hoax…hmm…maybe it is possible that he does not know what he is talking about. There was a marine biologist on the boat, and during lunch she gave a nice presentation on the reef and how it was created. She also talked about how it was dying. That is the reason we went. There seems to be a good chance that the reefs will be gone in 5 years. So we, like a lot of people, decided to see it before it disappears. I am glad we did, but it does feel a little sad at the same time.


That’s all for now.


Jumpa lagi!



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