How to lose weight in Malaysia part 32-More noodles!

Well, not just noodles, of course. After our candy and popped rice we enjoyed a fresh coconut on our boat tour, and then we headed to a lovely homestay place for lunch. Set in the gardens and trees near the river, it would be a great place to stay if you ever want to stay in the Mekong Delta. I believe the place was called Jardin du Mekong Homestay. Anyway, on to the food! We had fried prawn cakes (or those who aren’t allergic did), as well as fried eggplant or aubergine as they say. Next we had a delicious soup with beef balls, followed by a dry noodle dish and a papaya salad and pork. It was all fantastic. The pork was really nice. And the fresh mango for dessert was really deliciously soft and sweet!

On our trip back to the city we stopped for some more of that delicious Vietnamese style coffee. The trick is they use condensed milk so it’s delicious and I’m quite sure super fattening! That night for dinner we headed to a nice restaurant that was reasonably priced for a nicer restaurant, and the food was quite good. It was called nha hang ngon, and it was huge and very popular. We had barbecued beef with an awesome chili salt. It was absolutely delicious. We tried the Vietnamese style pancake again which was great, as well as the Bun Cha, and I think another spring roll dish? I can’t remember. Bun Cha is the dish Obama made famous in the states. It’s grilled pork with rice noodles. It’s really more of a specialty of Hanoi, but you can of course find it all over Saigon as well. I have to say the meat at this restaurant was very, very good, and cooked really nicely.

The next day we headed out to see the sights and shop till we dropped. we had more Vietnamese style coffee of all places at McDonalds (we needed the bathroom). But this was the only place where we were actually served the classic Vietnamese style drip coffee maker on top of the hot coffee.

Before the coffee arrived, but nice looking McDonalds, right?

That night we enjoyed dinner at a local place near the market. Once again we tried the Bun Cha, the Bahn Mi, and the Pho. It was pretty good, though I think the Pho at the hotel breakfast was better.

Our next day was our final day, and we only had time for a quick lunch before heading to the airport. Well that and some shopping and coffee, of course. This time we tried Mon Hue, a local chain that had some pretty good food. I had the

On the top was my dish, a delicious dry noodle dish with pork, I believe it was called Bun Thit Nuong. I have to say it was one of the better inexpensive meals I had while we were here, it was a lot more flavorful than a number of the other dishes we had. The first day we arrived, Sze May pointed out an adorable Vietnamese coffee shop around the corner from our hotel, but overtime we tried to go, day or night, it was filled to the brim with people. Luckily for us we were able to get a spot and have a coffee on our last day. It didn’t disappoint.

The chairs and tables were comfy, and low to the ground. The shop was on the corner and opened up onto the street. It was the perfect little spot to chat, read the paper, and people watch. And the coffee was delicious. It was easy to see why the place was so popular. They serve cold tea with the coffee as well, and it was a lovely balance of flavors. After that it was time to say tam biet to Vietnam and Good day to Australia!

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