An Ode to my Wife

Today, here in future world, it is March 10th. This is the 5th anniversary of my first date with a girl named Iris.


That’s her on the left. I married her. That is me on the right obviously, but most of you probably knew that. Of course there are a few of you who do not know us, but follow this blog because I am awesome and everything I do is awesome. Yeah!
It has been awhile since I posted anything, so I thought I would break my silence with an Ode to my wife.


Oh Iris. Our first date was in a Mediterranean restaurant. I remember seeing you walk around the corner in that red dress of yours. I was nervous, not really to meet you, but to start my adventure with you. I think I knew somehow, before even meeting  you, that this was it. It could bee the 5 weeks of super long emails we wrote to each other every single day. Or it could have just been the universe telling me to wake up because something important was about to happen. We actually met face to face two days before that. We couldn’t wait, so I ran to her house (literally) to see her for the first time. Our first kiss was that day too. After our dinner we danced in my apartment to what would be our future first dance song, “Hold You in My Arms” by Ray LaMontagne.

37022_889494024757_1326278635_n Oh there we are, so much younger! This is the earliest photo I had available at work, where I am writing this, of the two of us. We had our first date on the 10th, our second date on the 11th, and one week later said I love you to each other.

After our wedding we went on our first global adventure with each other, Brazil!

Little did Iris know that in a short year I would rag her halfway around the world. Sometimes I feel like I did drag her on this adventure, but she has gone with a smile on her face. I hope she knows that this experience, this whole living in Malaysia thing, is the experience of a lifetime but is one I would never do without her. I would not have had the strength to leave it all behind and see the wonder of the world without her by my side. Even if I did, it would surely not be as fun.

Prom poses, in two countries. Catch the fever!

There are times when I take her for granted, like she is the background music in a movie: Important and always there, but not something you always notice. Then there are times when I look at her and feel that I have never heard a more beautiful song then the one she makes my heart sing.

I am glad we have decided to go on this adventure together. Here’s to another five more years of dating darling! We are married but I can still say we are dating right?


In Brunei at the Sultan’s palace, no biggie
barefoot in India of course


Leaving for Malaysia



Saya sayang isteriku!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to my Wife

  1. I am so happy you found each other, that each of you took the certain turns in the road that led you to the one you will love forever. Nice writing, Kevin……..


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