How to Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 30- Sleep while your wife eats, drinks, and plays cards

I (Iris) rarely write about our food adventures, but this one happened without Kevin, so I figured I had better step up. Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days, so we are still in the middle of the festive season. Besides enjoying family and delicious food, a common activity during New Year is playing cards. So I was super excited to get a chance to combine good friends, good food, and cards thanks to my TLC family! Since it was a Wednesday night, I had to leave Kevin at home as he had to work early the next morning.

The evening started with dinner at Heng Hwa Restaurant in Taman Desa. My friend Peggy was hosting us for the evening, and this was my first time in the neighborhood. There’s a million great looking spots to eat, and Heng Hwa was no exception. 

The meal started with the traditional yee sang which I love, and then this delicious chicken with ham and mushrooms

This place was fantastic since the menu consisted of huge pictures of the dishes on the wall. Pictures of things like this:

Sweet pork in a pineapple!!!
This was an oyster soup that was fantastic! The flavors were really delicious!
Clockwise from the top: morning glory, the chicken, oyster omelette, and yee sang
I think I’m missing the prawn glass noodles which were also pretty delicious. After stuffing ourselves with delicious food it was time to try and win some money!
Ready to start the fun!
Trying to take all the dealer’s money

It was essentially Blackjack that we played, though I’ve never actually played Blackjack before. It was great and I learned a bunch of great phrases I’ve already forgotten…Oi (like hit) Moi (like stay) and a phrase that means ‘chicken bone stealer’ which is the phrase for someone who’ll always plays it safe.  Win or lose it was awesome! (P.S. I won)

My first Blackjack!
The thing when you get 5 cards without reaching 21 and win triple!

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