The Chinese New Year Mega Edition-How to Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 29


Selamat Tahun Baru Cina! Well, a day late but still! The past few days were Chinese New Year. Their calendar goes by the moon so obviously it is a bit different than a western calendar. It is the largest human migration in the world. Not here so much, but in China obviously it is a huge deal. EVERYONE goes home. My co-worker was just telling us that his drive home from Penang, which should be a 4 hour drive, took him 9 hours on Monday. There are lots of people moving around! Last year Iris and I traveled to Penang. I loved it, and she was sick. So this year we decide to stay in KL. Boy oh boy, it was obvious that there were a lot of people missing! Traffic was next to nothing, and about half the stores were closed until yesterday. We went to our first New Year’s dinner two weeks ago, and went to our second one last night. So without further ado, here is a mega edition of How to Lose Weight in Malaysia!

Hey it’s the year of the Rooster….not sure if you knew that
So apparently you have to spend about 50 USD to get this special lego set free…I did not get one but I am upset about it. I would have just given them 50 RM for it…but that would not have worked
This is yusheng. It is a Chinese Malaysian custom. This is what it looks like before
This is still what it looks like before. Before what you ask? well….uh….glad you asked!

Before this:

And here it is in slow motion…

The idea is that the higher you toss it, the more prosperity you will have in the coming year. My wife lost her chopstick while doing this…not sure what that means for the coming year.

And here is the after:


There were some other dishes. Let’s take a look at those:

Once again, I have should have taken notes.
On the left we with a tofu veggie dish, pretty standard for the Chinese restaurants around here. On the right is some chicken, baked in a rice leaf. Really good


Some ice Kacing to finish it! It was suppose to be Thai flavors…it was just normal flavors. Still good, albeit a let down.

Next up was our adventure in stand up chicken. It is exactly what you think it is: Chicken that is standing up


We met up with some of our friends from Iris’s work…so I guess Iris’s friends but I have been to a foreign country with one of them so I am going to call all of them my friends! On to the chicken!

I wasn’t kidding. It is standing.


Iris and Kapook.
The crew.


For some reason, I got volunteered to cut up the chicken. Still not sure how that happened.


There was other food, outside of the chicken, that was worth writing home about too.

More yusheng of course
Pig knuckle. This was incredible. The skin on it was caramel and crunchy and just amazing!
Fish of some kind. Did not eat it obviously
Veggies and bean curd. Really good of course
This was some kind of salad, I forgot the name. The crunchy stuff on top was salmon skin. I think this was a version of yusheng. I tried a little bit of the skin. It was nice and salty, but I am still afraid of eating too much fish
An overview of our table, plus sweet pork in the upper right hand corner. We got into a discussion at the table about what Chinese food was like in America. This sweet pork thing is the only thing that would make it onto most Chinese restaurant menus in America.


Last, I have two random food items I have to put somewhere, so why not this blog. First, the buffet at a little kopitiam near our apartment. The lunch time buffet is on point!


Our friends Sharon and Harrison had us over to their apartment for an authentic Indian briyani meal. It was amazing! I only took one picture but it was so good I had to make sure I mentioned it somewhere!




Blog posts like this remind me of why: Saya cinta Malaysia! Ia cantik!


Jumpa Lagi



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