One Night in Bangkok-Part : How To Lose Weight In Malaysia Part 28

So a note first: we were only in Bangkok for one day. So the amount of food we ate is not that great, hence these being a kind of short post. Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines and it did not disappoint.

So a second note: I think living in Malaysia has made me a bit immune to being impressed by new cuisines, at least Asian ones. All the food I eat is Asian food, usually Malaysian food, and it’s great. So a taste of Thailand was amazing, but it is not something that blew my socks off.

Sounds like I hated it, but I promise I did not. I loved it. It’s just that I will not be using as many adjectives as other travelers to Thailand might use to describe their food experience.

Some tasty beef noodles!
So it was hot, so we opted for some shaved ice/cendol kind of desert along the river. It was fantastic
Fried Turnip cake. I think. I took a picture of the menu, as you can see below, but I can’t read it. I am pretty sure this is what it was listed as, but I think it was carrot cake
Pad Thai…which is an authentic Thai food I discovered BUT it was created by the king to help market Thailand to the world apparently. But obviously since this is my favorite Thai food, I had to try some in Thailand.
There’s that menu
Close up of those pork noodles!

So yeah, that’s it. Like I said, we were only there for the day and we spent most of that walking around. It was a nice little trip. We are looking forward to going back there again, which I am sure we will at some point.


Jumpa Lagi


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