One Night in Bangkok-Part 2 The Temples

Last time we talked about the river. So let’s move on. Now we are off the river and ready to explore! Our first stop was the King’s Palace. Long story made short, we did not go in. It is a really big complex and we had other sites we wanted to see. Plus I would have had to rent a shirt to wear because I was a fool and wore a tank top. Tip for those of you traveling to Southeast Asia: If you have tattoos bring a shirt to cover them up: most temples will not let you in or would prefer if you cover up. Spoiler alert: The temples we did visit, mentioned in the title of this blog, did allow me in with no problems. Of course, just because we did not go into the palace doesn’t mean I missed a chance to make a fun video!


After this aborted adventure we headed over to Wat Pho, which is also called the temple of the reclining Buddha apparently, because one of the buildings in the complex has a giant reclining Buddha.

Hey look, it’s us!


The entrance to Wat Pho


You know, it’s hard to get a giant reclining Buddha in a picture
The monk’s bowls, all lined up for donations


This temple and much of the complex reminded us of the temples of Bagan in Myanmar because we are such awesome worldly travelers. But it is obvious that they came from the same traditional, although this one is very much a Thai temple


Next up, the Golden Mount. While this looked like a great temple (and it was) I can’t lie: Part of my real motivation for going there is because it was near the street filled with the Monk’s supply stores. My favorite bag in the world is a monk’s bag I got in Myanmar. I wanted to by a few more and will probably buy a few more anytime I am in a Buddhist country. Now I have a back up and a gift for a lucky person!


The Golden Mount itself
Some of the stairs on the way up
Nice view.


Better view
Okay…this one I do not get. This was a little area about a big outbreak of some disease, I can’t remember which one, that happened in the city. The bodies got taken to the temple and apparently they let the birds eat them because they could not burn them fast enough.
So there were vultures all over this corner of the temple…not sure I understand why there was a dead body and pile of fake bones too but whatever…that’s Asia

Okay, that’s all for now. Next up, food!


Jumpa Lagi



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