All about Taipei 101! Taiwan Part 5

One of the things I wanted to see the most in Taiwan was Taipei 101 from all angles! For awhile this was my favourite skyscraper. (For the last 1.5 years or so Petronas Towers have replaced it for obvious reasons. Stay to the end to see which one I like best now) I just love the design and the meaning in the symbols on the exterior. And of course as mentioned in a previous post, they have an awesome mass tuned damper! So we did a little walk with Wade’s friend Vincent up a hill called Elephant’s head because from other, higher hills it looks like an Elephant’s Head. Asia: Where we love things in nature that look like other things in nature!


Walking up. Not too bad. We took the “back” route, which meant we took a bus halfway up the hill


Getting our prom on


I like this picture for showing the size of the base of the building


This is the “front” way. Very steep and lots of steps. It was hard just to go down it, glad we did not go up it!


After this, we took a walk over to Taipei 101 to head up to the observation decks. I will not write a lot here about the tuned mass damper. See the blog post on mascots if you wanted to learn what that big yellow metal ball is in the following photos. Or do some research on your own, either way it is worth learning a bit about!

There it is!
Getting closer


A rare shot of me
This is an old Chinese coin. There is one on each side of the building’s base. It represents prosperity
In the mall attached to Taipei 101. I love how they literally just added it on. That is the corner of the main building right there!
It was a bit hazy this day, which is ironic in a terrible way because we picked this day because we thought it would be the best
Mass tuned damper


Oh Iris, you so crazy
The haze did lend itself to black and white photos though…

Once again I am realizing how much I want to share about Taiwan. I am also realizing that I do not remember what does we did what. Oh well. We did all of this stuff on the same day, so I got that right at least! That’s all for now. Plenty more to come about Taiwan though!


Jumpa Lagi




PS-Oh yeah, which one do I prefer: Taipei 101 or Petronas Towers? Well, I can see Petronas every single day when I wake up from my bedroom window so it wins. But the observation decks of Taipei 101 were FAR better then Petronas.

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