The gondola, markets, and maybe more! Taipei Part 4

I almost lost track of what edition of the blog I am on. I apologize if I am writing too much about Taipei. I am not saying it was my favorite place to visit, but evidently I really liked it! I think being with friends there had something to do with it. The fact that one of them could speak Chinese really helped too! I promise after this one, only four more!…maybe… One on Taipei 101, then HTLWIM Taipei edition of course, the stuff we did I forgot to talk about, and one random collection of photos that I just couldn’t fit in any other blog.

So another exciting day. We did something in the morning I can’t tell you about until we get to the HTLWIM edition of this trip, but after that eating adventure we ended up at a random farmer’s market. We passed it on the train and it looked great so we hoped out. It was at the sight of an old flower expo apparently, which sounds like the facilities would not be great but they were!


Because even the farmer’s market has to have a mascot in Taiwan
Dancers warming up
They had a short routine but they were pretty good
This kid was getting down!


The Grand Hotel


The planes were REALLY low

As I was adding these photos I realized that in the morning we went to a temple. Not so secret after all! Thanks to my photos of course being in order for telling me what we did before this! As I said in another posts, this temple was great just like that other one. But jaded Mr. I live in Asia that I am, they did not blow my socks off. To be fair, they are FAR nicer than most of the Chinese/Buddhist temples in Malaysia.


I couldn’t add the captions to these photos but as I think you can tell, that last photo is NOT a picture of the temple. We stumbled upon a stool shop. Apparently this is where you go if you own a little street cart or restaurant to buy your stools of whatever size you need. This was definitely a new sight for me!

Oh yes, the gondola I promised. Again, I think I got my days all sorts of mixed up here but since you were not there with me in Taiwan (unless you are Iris, Wade, or Mo) Yeah….we also took a gondola ride this day…yeah that works. The gondola was already mentioned in the Mascots posts. It is at the end of one of the subway lines near the zoo. We were able to get up to the top in time to see the sunset. I will note, for future travelers to Taiwan, don’t go to the top if you want the view. Go to the third station. The fourth station, at the top, just has restaurants and tea houses. While this is nice I am sure, it does not have a view unless you are willing or wanting to go into one of said tea houses or restaurants. We were not, so after making our way to the top, we made our way back down via gondola to the third station to see what looked like a cool temple and get a better view of the sunset. We got a better view of the sunset and the temple was cool, but under construction as you will see.


The view from the third station


Nice temple, but too bad abou the construction
The sun is setting

Okay, wow…so much more to share and talk about but I need to take a break from writing this blog. Hope you are enjoying it!

Jumpa lagi!




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