Time in Taipei: The First Part

One of the best ways to get over being homesick is to travel. Just one man’s opinion based on recent experience. After my parents left I was a bit homesick and sad. I had not seen them in 1.5 years which seemed very long. The odds are that I might not see them again for another 1.5 years or so, depending on a few different things. This is also a good time to highlight why living abroad is awesome. When my parents were here we flew to Singapore. Total cost for all four tickets was about 100 dollars. Then we flew to Vietnam. Total cost for all four tickets was about 250 dollars I believe. After they left my wife and I flew to Taiwan to meet up with some good friends. Total costs of those tickets was maybe 200 dollars. You can’t fly to a lot of countries from America for that cheap. Even if you wanted to fly to Canada or Mexico, really the only two options, you would not be able to fly for that cheap from some places in America. And no offense to Canada, but that is a great country that is a lot like America. So as far as escapism and seeing something different, you are not really getting too far away from things.

On the flight over Iris and I were discussing unrecognized or under recognized countries, something I am a tad bit fascinated by. Google Transnistria and tell me that is just not totally interesting and a place you kind of want to visit, I dare you! When we visited Myanmar it had just gotten out from under Military rule. (with a big old asterisk next to that since the military does still kind of run things, but there is actual democratic valid voting for their leader so….) When we visited Bangkok on our return flight we realized it would be our first visit to a country under military rule. Our visit to Taiwan would be our first visit to an under recognized country. The world is awesome! (Speaking of awesome, I have been to two temples that have on display one of Buddha’s teeth. How cool is that?)

Off to Taiwan!

First up, the National Museum

Okay, so the item in the next few photos is apparently the pride of Taiwan. There was a line, in the museum, to see this thing. It is the Wade Chi Theory of Asia(patent pending) that Asians love looking at things from nature that look like something else from nature. Here we have jade that looks like cabbage…because it was carved or polished to look that way. Weird..The olive pit is weird but really freaking impresssive!



It’s jade, but it’s also cabbage!


It’s an olive pit, but it’s also a boat with working doors!
A nice park on the grounds of the museum


Then, off to the Grand Hotel. I had big doubts about going to see this place until we were driving their in the taxi and I asked what that awesome building on the hill was. Turns out of course it was the Grand Hotel. Amazing place with great views of the city…that did not turn out that well in photos!

So red and pretty on the inside
Close ups of the Chinese astrological sings. Fun facts: I am a goat, Iris is a dog, and this is the year of the rooster
Like I said, great view but it does not really come across well in the photos
I really like narrow view photos or repition in things…not sure why


It was weird, Iris kept screaming at them “dont do it!” (they are getting married by the way, despite what your western lenses might think of the dress color.


Now that I have reached this point of the post, I realize that I need to break up all the Taiwan photos into a few different posts. There is just so much I want to talk about and share. This is what we did for part of our first day in Taiwan with Wade and Mo Chi, our friends from America.There will be more to come including the greatest metro system mascot ever!


Jumpa Lagi


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