My parents are here! Part IX Chinatown and Little India

So this is just what it says it is, an exploration of Chinatown and Little India in KL with my mother. Too much walking for my dad sadly. We skipped Little India in Singapore because frankly I think KL’s is better. Singapore does have a better Chinatown, but it does not have all the knock off goods I so enjoy. We went pretty early in the day, which apparently makes a difference. Every stall we went to in Chinatown gave us a first customer discount.

I have no pictures from walking around Petaling Street because frankly it is not that amazing to see. I do have some pictures of the fish foot massage we did. You might have seen/heard of this: fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Iris and her parents did it and loved it so of course we had to try it. I have video of it too of course. My mom’s laugh actually attracted more business for the place, as people were drawn to the sound. (it was loud but understandably so: It really tickled!




Of course we stopped at Sri Mahamariamman temple when we ere walking around the Chinatown area. There are not a lot of temples in little old Holley, New York. There might be some in Rochester but I am willing to bet they do not look like this one!











Now Little India, that was a bit more of an exciting visit where I actually remembered to take some photos! I love Little India, as I think everyone probably knows. The sounds, the colours, the food! Everything about it just hit the sweet spot for me…except for parking, the parking there sucks. We found a good spot like half a block from the main drag, but it was 1000% not a real parking spot, but one of those places in KL where everyone parks even though they are not suppose to.



The coffee shop I am writing this in has become a new version of hell. Someone singing “Happy Birthday” has been playing on a loop for at least five minutes now. It is driving me insane. It is apparently the birthday of someone at the table sitting behind us but seriously, FIVE MINUTES OF THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!!! Why??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The girls behind me are not happy with me now, because I complained and asked the management to turn the song off. They did finally. I might be a miser, but that was too much! 7 minutes of a terrible version of Happy Birthday repeating itself over and over and over.

That’s all for this entry! Time to get writing on the next one!
Jumpa Lagi!


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