The parents are here! Part V The Indian Ocean!

So this will be a short post. The day before we flew to Vietnam was last Saturday. While we had to get up at 3am for our taxi ride to the airport, aka we did not want to do anything too tiring during the day, we did not want to waste the day. So we got to check something off of my mother’s bucket list: Swimming in the Indian Ocean. We headed to Port Dickson, as it seemed to have the best beaches on the west coast that are also close to KL. Iris and I have been to a few other beaches, but they are not really good for swimming or getting any part of your body wet. But Port Dickson has a lot of resorts and the water quality reflects this tourist investment. It is also the Melakka Straits, the most important body of water in world history! My mom, as usual, was not as excited about that as I was.


Those are not rocks or sand. Those are crabs!


My parents and the Indian Ocean behind them.

And that is it for the Indian Ocean trip! I was swimming the whole time and the photos I did take my mom has decided I am not allowed to use on this website. So instead, here is a preview of Hanoi!




Jumpa Lagi!

Terima Kasih untuk baca blog saya! Saya sayang Hanoi!




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