The parents are here! Part IV Hop on Hop off but the fun never stops!

This was actually the first thing we really did in KL. My parents did a bus tour of Vancouver and they loved it. So when the time came to visit KL, this seemed like a great way to start their Malaysian adventure. It would give them an overview of the city and be a nice easy activity while they were still getting used to the heat/time difference. My mom and I sat on the top level, exposed to the sun, and got a bit burned. My father, being the smarter person, sat downstairs in the nice air conditioned enclosed section.

Merdeka Square of course
The old British Colonial buildings.
Pretty much every light in KL


My favorite non Twin Towers building in KL is on the left.


Up close and personal


Repetition makes accidential art
Oh yeah, don’t forget it is Christmas time, even in this Muslim majority country

That’s all for now!

Terima kasih untuk baca blog saya. Saya harap kamu suka ia. Ia panas hari ini di Kuala Lumpur kerana kami tingall berhampiran khatulistiwa. Saya sedang mengamalkan Bahasa Malaysian!

Jumpa lagi


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