The parents are here: Part II School visits!

One thing I wanted my parents to do when they were here was visit my school and Iris’s school. For my school, I was lucky enough to have two teachers volunteer their speaking classes for my parent’s fun field trip. I have taken a two month leave of absence from Awesome while my parents are here (and to travel to Taiwan after they leave!) but it was obviously still important to me to have my parents come to the school and experience a bit of what I do every day.

The students, my parents, and a few teachers who wanted to get in on the action
Explaining something to the kids. They asked a lot of interesting questions. Only a few were potentially embarressing for me


For the visit to Iris’s school, we went for her year end holiday party because a certain young strapping American volunteered to be Santa! But I can’t post any photos with the kids in it, so this is all you get. You get (almost) nothing and you’ll like it!

Iris explaining how things work






That’s it for now!

Terima kasih untuk baca blog saya!


Jumpa Lagi


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