Weekend Adventure: That place where that guy got killed

How’s that for a semi click baity headline? So long story short, two weekends ago Iris and I decided to get out of the city. It was the weekend of Bersih 5, which is the big protest against the government that happens every year. Last year we stumbled into it by accident. This year we wanted to avoid it. That is not why we decided to leave the city for the day, but it certainly helped our decision because at the very least doing anything in the city would be difficult.

But I have taken awhile to post about it because of two things. One, I was trying to make a vlog about it. Two, I fell and hurt my back. For some reason whenever it rains in Malaysia, which is pretty much everyday, the pavement gets really slippery. I can’t figure out if this is because of my sandals, which are pretty bad, or just because of the type of material used on the pavement. This is not the first time I have slipped but it is the first time I have fallen and hurt myself. Kind of bad. My back is still a bit sore but for about a week I was spending all of my time on the couch.

On to the adventure! Since I recorded a seven minute video about our trip, with some bad editing because I am still trying to figure out how to use the editing software, this blog will not be a lot of words…other than the 250 I already typed.

The loneliest ice cream man in the world?
Iris in front of the marker. It is in Malaysian and we are learning it…but we could not read all of this
It was a beautiful drive up into the mountains.
The non creepy abandoned building we saw
The sign for the creepy abandoned building we saw
There is an understated beauty to this country…
Me being artsy fartsy right before I fell


I’ll post two videos for you. The first one is the short one. It just gives a little explanation as to who Henry Gurney was, and the chain of events that his death started. The second one is the long one and it INCLUDES the first video in it. So no need to watch both, unless you just love hearing me talk.

The Short one…



The long one…



That’s it for now. My parents are in town. I am on my way to pick them up from their hotel. They got in super late last night and stayed at a hotel near the airport, which is sadly far away from KL.

Terima Kasih untuk baca blog saya. Saya harap kamu suak ia!


Jumpa Lagi!


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