Picture of the week

Things have been both calm and hectic here. I am off work for two months, pay free of course, as my parents will be coming for almost a month to visit. I did not look at my work schedule before they bought their tickets, so they are coming in the middle of one semester (semester=a month at my language school) and leaving in the middle of another one. So while the posts have been few at the moment, there will be a lot coming once they come as we have a jam packed schedule of activities for them.

In the meantime, here is the picture of the week. Last weekend Iris and I took a drive up into the mountains. We wanted to visit Frasier’s Hill, a hill station left over from the British Colonial era, maybe go to Kuala Kota Bharu-a nice little city in the mountains. But primarily our trip served two purposes: 1) Get out of the city on the day of the big anti-government protests. Last year we accidentally ended up in the middle of it so we wanted to avoid it this year. 2) I am a history nerd and I wanted to see the spot where Henry Gurney was killed. This probably means nothing to you, as it should unless you live in Malaysia or have studied Malaysian/British Colonial history. But it is the spot from which modern Malaysian history sprung forth…more on that in another post. I made a few videos of our trip. I am trying to figure out how to edit them all together, make a time lapse and do generally cool things like that.


We stopped about half way up the mountain road at the reservoir. It and the dam that builds it, was built after a flood wiped out the original KKB. The one we visited was built about a hundred years ago away from the rivers to avoid another giant flood. There was one other car in the parking lot when we pulled in, and one other pulling in when we left. The only other person there was this guy, the ice cream man! There were no houses near by so he obviously commuted down from KKB which is higher up the mountain. There was not much traffic on the road to this point, making me think that his customer base is not that big. Something about this, the lonely ice cream man in a parking lot over looking a half filled reservoir, just seems so Malaysian to me in a weirdly beautiful way. For reference, here is the reservoir:



That’s all for now.

Terima kasih untuk selihat pada blog saya!

(I hope that is right! We have been taking a bahasa Malaysian course)

Jumpa Lagi!



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