The Lost Files- How to Lose Weight in Malaysia: Part 24

It’s time for some Nickelback lyrics: It’s been awhile! Wow, seriously, it has been way too long since I have done a food specific blog. Well, in clearing out my phone I found some photos of food and figured hey, I have to write about this!

On the left, Rote Tissue or something spell like that. Obviously it is called tissue because it is super thin. It is coated with sugar on the inside and almost too sweet. On the right is my go to mamak order: Nasi goreng ayam. In case you have never read a single blog post of mine before; Nasi means rice, goreng means fried, and ayam means chicken in Malay. This one was a bit disappointing. The mamak I go to near my work has this nice crispy fried chicken it gives you and it’s just wonderful. The chicken here was just okay.

Next up, shabu shabu! It’s basically Japanese hot pot. The hot pot I had in Chongqing China remains one of my favorite meals of all time. So I was excited about this meal and it did not disappoint.


The best thing may have been the green tea soft serve ice cream. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!


Next, the random kopitiam near our apartment.


Iris being so relaxed

So we have not gone here too often but we really should go more. The food is good and cheap.


Rice, pork, and another thing I can not remember the name of. But basically it’s like crispy won ton dough stuffed with pork. Freaking amazing, and it only cost me about $1.50 USD

Random Ramen!


Just what I said it would be: Random ramen noodles! This is from a different kopitiam, albeit one that is just a restaurant that serves the same food as a kopitiam.

You know what, let’s see more ramen noodles!




Some KFC…Korean Fried Chicken. You see what I did there? That was pretty clever wasn’t it? Holy crap, this stuff was great. It was fried, but light and fluffy and not at all greasy. It was fantastic.


I saved the best for last. I have no idea what this is. A yemeni student at my work made this. It is vermicelli noodles and sugar and something else. It is diabetes at it’s best. I love it! I could have eaten all of these if I was not being considerate of others. Damn me and my consideration!


That’s all for this episode of Food Pictures: The lost files edition!


Jumpa lagi!



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