Picture of the Week

This is kind of an oddity for a picture of the week post-I am using a picture from Malaysia. Most of the older photos I have used in these posts were from our travels to other countries. But this one is one of my favorite photos. This is a wall photo, meaning if and when we go back to The USA, this picture will probably end up on our living room wall to remind us of this amazing adventure we have been on.


This is from Thaipusam of this past year. I wrote a whole blog post about this amazing experience and it is still one of the most unforgettable things I have ever seen. This particular gentleman has completed his roughly 11km walk from one temple to another to make his offering. He is under a trance, and believes himself to be a god. Not sure which one, but he is not himself. He took off a few layers of clothing and accessories previous to this photo being taken, and ran his fingers through his long hair. He then started throwing flower petals into the air and dancing around. It was beautiful to watch. Once he came out of the trance you could clearly see his whole body language change. I am not saying I buy into the religious aspect of it, but I believe that he was not himself for that walk. The night before we had gone to the temple where they start their walks from. We got to watch people get into the trances. It was hot, the music was loud, and the people were shouting various incantations at the individuals going into the trance. Add a touch of faith and it is easy to see how one could go under. This guy became someone else, but other people got hooks put into their body with no signs of pain!

What I like most about this photo is his face. I think the bliss on his face is just amazing, and really embodies what the whole Thaipusam experience is for most people. And after witnessing the election in my country from afar, I need a little bit of bliss in my life.


Jumpa Lagi


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